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What we do

Your heritage should not decide your fate. Your past is not your future. You are not alone. Others have made it, so can you.

The mentoring idea is as simple as it is effective: balance out inequity by equipping disadvantaged youths with the skills and outlook of the advantaged. Soon you will see, that what is often conveniently passed off as individual inability is really a structural barrier.

Pupils and students

To this day, the successful ROCK YOUR LIFE! mentoring programme REACH! connects university students with pupils in secondary education. With youths travelling on holding tracks. Kids from working class parents, from immigrant families, “problem cases” and others who are given a “bad prognosis” in terms of educational and professional success. The student mentors and their pupil mentees meet regularly over the period of a year. They exchange skills, ideas and visions. They do school work together, go out for a coffee, take trips to the museum, they sit down and just talk. Sometimes they become friends. Always, they become windows into another life-world. Bridges between milieus and classes. They learn about what it means to be from different backgrounds and what this entails, to view the world through different eyes.


At the same time, ROCK YOUR LIFE!! works with local as well as international businesses who have difficulties recruiting personnel. While the “war for talents” is raging, hundreds of thousands of young adults have a hard time finding employment. ROCK YOUR LIFE!! mentoring helps to bridge that gap by connecting youths with potential employers through presentations, trainings and combined mentorings. There is a huge potential to be lifted for both sides. Public expenditures can be saved if people who would have ended up on welfare can make their own living in self-chosen professions and with a new sense of dignity and self-worth.